Newspaper Cutting (Huntingdonshire Guardian) 27/9/1890:

Fountain Commercial Hotel

'The Late Mr E.H. Fisher, of Huntingdon.


It is with great regret that we have to record the death of one of the most esteemed and highly respected townsmen of Huntingdon, in the person of Mr Edward Henry Fisher, the proprietor of the "Fountain" Hotel. The deceased had been ailing for some time up to about six weeks ago when he took to his bed, and died from disease of the liver on Friday last. He first came to Huntingdon, from St. Ives, in 1876, and too the "Fountain" Hotel in High-street. Here he worked his way, and won the esteem of all with whom he came in contact. About two years ago he was elected a member of the Corporation, in which body he also was very much respected. He was a brother of the "Socrates" Lodge of Freemasons and was initiated in the year 1876. The deceased was 44 years of age, and leaves a widow and family of five to mourn their loss.

The Funeral. The remains of the deceased were laid to rest in the Huntingdon Cemetery on Tuesday afternoon in the presence of a very large number of relations and friends. At three o'clock the funeral cortege left the residence of the deceased. Several of the Brothers of the Socrates Lodge of Freemasons, headed by the Borough Fire Brigade under the command of Captain Ingram, led the way. The Brothers present were: - J. Pascoe, W.M., H.T. Smith, P.M., A.E. Margetts, J.W., and acting D. of C., G. Taylor, A.G. Davison, W. Pentelow, C. Smith, E.R. Odams, G.W. Wooldridge, and R. Ayres and W. Brown, tylers; and W.L. Barnes, P.M. of Lodge 170. The Corporation then followed and the members present were: The Mayor (Mr G. Thackray), Aldermen: A. Ashton, F.J. Howson, and A.W. Marshall; Councillors F.D. Veasey, C.B. Margetts, W.H. Smith, John Smith, R. Goodliff, A. Grist, T.A. Clark, Mr H. Lucas (Medical Officer); Mr R. Hutchinson (Borough Surevyor); Mr J.P. Maule (Deputy Clerk of the Peace), Mr S. Beresford (Inspector of Nuisances); Messrs. W. Smith and R. Measures (Borough Auditors). The coffin came next, and was covered with wreaths and crosses, after which the carriages containing the mourners came, as follows: - 1st carriage - The widow of the deceased, Mr E. Fisher, junr., Misses L, A, and N, and Master A.A. Fisher, and Mr Cleaves. 2nd carriage - Mr Cutforth, Mrs Salter, and Mr and Mrs J. Allen. 3rd carriage - Mr P. and Mrs F. Clifton, and Mr and Mrs J. Clifton. 4th carriage - Mr B. Allen, Mrs D. Allen, Mrs Mann, and Mr J. and Mr A. Hitch, and Mr A. Hearn and Mr F. Provost. The following gentlemen then followed: - Mr Warburton (Steward to the Earl of Sandwich), Mr W. Cooper, Mr Myres, Mr T. Cooper, Mr J.P. Provost, Mr Strangard, Mr J. Sarll, Mr T. Plum, Mr S. Beresford, Mr W.D. Mackay, Mr J.H. Trist, Mr H. Peacock, Mr W.H. Smith, Mr E. Dear, Mr C. Bryant, Mr C. Jacobs, etc. The following gentleman attended from St. Ives; Mr G. Chapman, Mr T. Cole, Mr J. Purser, Mr W.M. Turner, Mr Wadsworth, Mr W. Breeze, Mr H.S. Watts, Mr W. Whaley, and Mr H. King. The funeral procession wended its way across the Market Hill to All Saints' Church where the usual service took place, the Rev. J. Pycock officiating. The whole of the tradesmen's shops en route were closed, or partly so, as a mark of respect to the memory of the deceased. Arriving at the cemetery the remains of the deceased were laid in their last resting place in an ordinary grave. The coffin was of polished oak, panelled, with brass furniture, the body being in an oak shell. The inscription upon the coffin was as follows: Edward Henry Fisher, born 10th Jan., 1846; died 19th Sept., 1890. The remainder of the burial service was read by the Rev. J. Pycock. The wreaths and crosses were very handsome, and were sent by the following: - The widow of the deceased, Jack and Annie, C. King and Mrs Kisby, Mr F. Provost, the servants, Mr H.E. Levett, the family of the late Daniel Hearn, Mr F. Cleaves, Mr and Mrs Jas. Smith, the Fire Brigade, Socrates Lodge of Freemasons, Mr and Mrs Thos. Knights, Mr and Mrs Myers, Mr J. Bowie, Mr Chamberlain, Mr and Mrs Ford, &c. The funeral arrangements were ably carried out by Messrs. Thackray & Sons, and Mr J.S. Smith. It is a singular fact that deceased came to Huntingdon just 14 years ago on the day of his funeral. Each Freemason carried a spray of acacia, which he dropped into the grave after the funeral service.'


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