Newspaper Cutting (Huntingdonshire Post) 30/5/1929:

'Death Of Mrs Fisher, Of "The George."

"The Best Business Woman In Huntingdonshire."

Memories Of Three Hotels.

We regret to announce the death of Mrs Mary Jane Fisher, of Huntingdon, which occurred at her Hartford-road residence on Thursday, following a long period of indisposition, at the age of 84. Up to three years ago the deceased lady had, in spite of her years, been most active. Stricken by a stroke, which deprived her of the power of speech, she was able to get out of doors in a bath chair until weakness gradually told upon her.

By her demise Huntingdonshire has lost one of its most respected and widely known personalities. Mrs Fisher, successively and most successfully, was associated with three important licensed houses in the county, and by her remarkable capabilities earned the reputation of being the best business woman in Huntingdonshire.

Mrs Fisher was a native of Huntingdon, and the daughter of the late Mr Allen, who was a freeman of the town. She married the late Mr Edward Henry Fisher, a native of Godmanchester, who died a comparatively young man 38 years ago, leaving his wife the responsibility of supporting a young family of two sons and three daughters. One daughter (Mrs Stones) died in recent years. It must have been a proud occasion when six years ago Mrs Fisher was an eye witness of the honoured election of her son, Alderman E.H. Fisher, as Mayor of Huntingdon.

(Photo) The late Mrs M.J. Fisher admiring her youngest great grandchild.

In Private Life.

The deceased lady was a devoted churchwoman, and until infirmities prevented was a regular attendant at All Saints' Church. After putting aside the cares and responsibilities of business, Mrs Fisher continued to take an active interest in social happenings, and was frequently seen at church fetes and whist drives, for there was nothing she more thoroughly enjoyed than an innocent flutter at cards.

Upon their marriage, Mr and Mrs Fisher took over the licence of the old Unicorn Hotel, St. Ives, where they remained about eight years, and then transferred to the old Fountain Hotel, Huntingdon, where Mr Fisher died. Mrs Fisher built up a wide connection with commercial travellers, and the Fountain became their favourite stopping place. When the late Mr John Goodliff - father of Alderman Richard Goodliff and Mr Frank Goodliff - retired from the George Hotel, Huntingdon, Mrs Fisher made her last move to settle as the presiding mistress of the then leading hotel of the county. She had, without blemish, held the licence of the Fountain Hotel for twenty-one years, and she ruled the destinies of the George with its extensive catering business, at which Mrs Fisher was an expert, for a similar period, including the trying years of the war, retiring in 1918., after half a century of busy life, with the good wishes of all her friends.

The Funeral.

The deep respect in which Mrs Fisher was held was shown by the large congregation at All Saints' Church for the funeral service on Monday afternoon. These included: the Mayor and Mayoress (Mr and Mrs Frank Clark), Mr J.P. Maule, Mr and Mrs R. Goodliff, Mrs Cooper, Mr and Mrs Sarll, Mr and Mrs Beck, Mr A.R. Lowe, Mr F. Goodliff, Mr and Mrs Clayton, Mr and Mrs Morse, Mr and Mrs A.C. Rowe, Mr B.P. Carter, Mr T. Coxon, Mr and Mrs Driver, Mr S.H.
Wood, Mrs Moss-Blundell, Mr and Mrs Miller, Mr and Mrs Sewell, Miss Sneath, Mr and Mrs F. Brown, Mr A.E. Peacock, Mrs Pople, Miss Goodliff, Miss A. Goodliff, Mrs J.J. Rowe, Mrs Hatchett, Miss Newman, Miss Crawley, Miss Ingram, Miss Ridgley, Miss Beharrell, Mr and Mrs Sperling (Lattenbury Hill), Mr W. Brawn (Stukeley), Mr S. Brawn (Godmanchester), Mr G. Odell, Mr W. Blake, Mr Budds, Mr S. Read, Mr Hall, Mr Fred Shepherd, Mr A.H. Yeomans, Mr
B. Mower, Mr and Mrs W.D. Storey, Mr and Mrs White, Mr Goggs, Mr A.J. Reed, Mr J. Ford, Mr and Mrs C. Haynes, Mr H.E. Isley (Ramsey), Mr H. Raby (Stukeley), Mr R. Jelliss (Hamerton), Mrs A. Smith (Buckden), Mr J. Shelton (Stukeley), Mrs Lenton (Brampton), Mr G. Webster (Hemingford), Mr T. Melling (Alconbury), Mrs F. Thackray, Mr Fowler, Miss Standen, Mr P. Clifford, Mr R. Flowers, Mrs Ray, Miss Gee, Mr Phipps, and numerous other old residents of the town.

Sir Kenneth Murchison, who was unable to attend, was represented by Mr G.F. Thackray, and many letters of sympathy and apology for absence were received from friends of the family. The Churchwardens (Messrs. J.H. Howgate and J.W. Hatchett) were in charge of the seating arrangements.

The chief mourners were: Mr and Mrs E.H. Fisher, Mr and Mrs J.A. Fisher (sons and daughters-in-law), Mr and Mrs J.D. Rose (son-in-law and daughter), Mrs Allen (sister-in-law), Mrs Sutton, Mrs T. Markham, Miss M. Fisher, Mr Donald Rose, Mr G.E. Fisher, Mr R.L. Fisher, Mr Guy Fisher (grandchildren), Mr J.F. Cleeves, Mr C. Cleeves, Mr A. Hitch (nephews), Miss Bell (housekeeper), and the maid. The employees of Mr E.H. Fisher's shops in High-street were also present.

The officiating clergy were the Rector (the Rev. G.J. Bayley) and the Rev. H.G.D. Latham (Offord, and formerly Rector of All Saints'). The choir was in attendance, and during the assembling of the congregation, Mr G. Brown played several voluntaries. The selected psalm, "The Lord is my Shepherd" was sung, and in place of the familiar lesson, the Rev. H.G.D. Latham read appropriate passages from II Corinthians, VIII. The collects and prayers were said by the Rector. The chosen hymns were "Peace, perfect peace," and "On the Resurrection Morning," and as the flower-decked coffin was wheeled from the chancel steps "Nunc Dimittis" was sung. A large assembly followed the remains to the graveside to hear the closing prayers of the commitment to earth. The grave, which contained the remains of the deceased's husband (who died in 1890, aged 44 years), was lined with evergreens and flowers, a large spray of Madonna lilies being at the foot. The coffin had the inscription: "Mary Jane Fisher, entered into rest, 23rd May, 1929, aged 84 years."

The Flowers.

The exquisite floral tributes were expressions of love and devotion for a fond mother and grandmother, and the respectful sympathy of a wide circle of friends. The cards attached were worded:

With our fondest love, from Isa, Ted, the girls and Guy.
In loving memory, from all at Sapley-lane, Hartford.
In ever loving memory of a very dear mother, Nellie and Jack.
In loving memory of mother, Aggie and Fred.
In loving memory, from Mrs Allen (sister-in-law).
In loving memory, from Renee, Muriel, Tom and Claude.
To dear Granny Fisher from her great grandsons.
In kind remembrance of a very loving grandma, from Donald and Mella.
With our fondest love, Frank and Kitty.
In loving memory, from the Cleeves family.
In loving memory, from Dorothy.
In affectionate remembrance, Miss Bell and Winnie.
With deep sympathy, from the staff of 42, 43, and 107, High-street.
In loving memory and with sincere regret, M.W.
Remembrance, from an old friend, J.R.
In kindest remembrance of an old friend, Doll and Laurie.
With deepest sympathy, Mr and Mrs A.J. Reed.
Happy memories, from Mrs F.B. Thackray and family.
In kind remembrance, from Mr and Mrs Lofts and Mrs Newton (Hartford-road).
With kindest sympathy, from Mrs H. Standen and family.
In remembrance of an old friend, Mr and Mrs Edward Sarll.
With many happy memories, Mr and Mrs F.S. Salter (Fenstanton).
In affectionate remembrance, Mr and Mrs Frank Clark and Miss A. Goodliff.
With deepest sympathy, from John.
With remembrance, from Mr and Mrs A.H. Ruston.
With deepest sympathy, from Mr and Mrs Clayton and Granny.
In affectionate remembrance, Mr and Mrs J.H. Howgate.
With kindest remembrance and sincere sympathy, from two old friends, Mrs D.
Cooper and Miss Beharrell.
In fond remembrance, Mr and Mrs F.R. Morse.
With deep sympathy, H.G.D. and F.G. Latham.
Kind remembrance, from Mr and Mrs Richard Goodliff.
In remembrance, Mrs Nichols and family.
With all kind thoughts, from Mrs Griffin, Mrs Coxon and Miss Newman.
With Mr and Mrs A.E. Peacock's deepest sympathy.
With sympathy and memories, from Mr and Mrs P. Clifton and family.
With sincere sympathy, Mr and Mrs J.W. Hatchett.
With kindest remembrance, from Mr and Mrs Driver.
Our united sympathy, Mr and Mrs G. Odell.

The establishments of Mr E.H. Fisher were closed during the hours of the funeral.

The funeral arrangements were carried out by Messrs. F.B. Thackray and Co., under the personal supervision of Mr Harold Thackray.'

GeorgeHotel2A photograph of Mrs Mary Jane FISHER, of Huntingdon, whose obituary is above. The picture is undated, but it is assumed that it was taken in the early 1900s, probably before the Great War. Mrs FISHER is the lady standing beside the splendid motor car with other unnamed persons in the car. The setting is the courtyard of The George Hotel, which Mrs FISHER, as a
widow, ran (and maybe owned) until her retirement in 1918. The courtyard of this famous old 'posting establishment' is pictured very much as it is today, but an older mode of transport - horses - can just be seen in the background.



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