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During any conflict there are certain acts of bravery or defiance that are noticeable above others. For these acts citations and medals have been awarded. This is a list of some of the Huntingdonshire people who have carried out such acts and the award or citation given.


Surname Forename(s) Award Details Memorial/Place When
ABRAHAM George DCM Pte. Hunts County News 31-5-18. Hail Weston. Hail Weston WW1
AFFORD Joe MC, DCM Sgt. Offord. 8939, Bedfordshire Rgt. DCM (LG 22-9-16). Rescued wounded captain and wounded himself. Promoted Company Sergeant Major. Hunts Post 15-9-16. Later commissioned. Captain, awarded MC. HP 19-10-17. Offord   WW1
AYRES W MM Cpl. St Neots. Awarded during Battle of Messines. Hunts Post 7-9-17. St Neots WW1
BARNETT George MM & Bar L/Cpl. Hail Weston. Hunts County News 31-5-18. Hail Weston WW1
BENNETT A C MM 203409 Pte. Huntingdon. Warwickshire Reg. Huntingdon WW1
BOUTALL Alfred DSM & Medal of St George (Russia) Chief Petty Officer. Formerly St Neots. RNAS armoured cars, Russia. Hunts Post 23-11-17 St Neots WW1
BRISTOW Marenza MM 20766 Lance Corporal, 2nd Bedfordshire Regiment Killed in action 22 August 1918. Husband of Agnes Bristow. Albert Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme, France. Pondersbridge WW1
BROWN Harry MM Pte. Kimbolton. Wounded and awarded MM. KiA. Hunts Post 23-11-17. Kimbolton WW1
CARDELL E P MC & MiD Major. Great Paxton. Mentioned in Despatches three times. Hunts Post 28-12-17. MC, Hunts County News 29-3-18. Great Paxton   WW1
COOPER J MM Sgt. Formerly Huntingdon, parents living Coventry. Lancashire Fusiliers. Hunts Post 17-11-16. Huntingdon WW1
CATLING G W MM Pte. Hail Weston. Hunts Post 20-7-17. Hail Weston WW1
COOK Frank MM Pte. Eaton Ford. Royal Warwickshire Rgt. Hunts Post 2-11-17. Later wounded, Hunts County News 3-5-18. Eaton Ford WW1
CROOTE James DCM Sgt. Waresley. Hunts Post 4-5-17. Waresley WW1
DAVIES E DCM Sgt-Major. Kimbolton. Hunts County News 10-5-15. Kimbolton WW1
DESBOROUGH Victor MC Lieut. Ammunition dump exploded near his battery causing heavy casualties to men and horses. He extricated the horses and organised the rescue of the wounded during shelling. Hunts County News 7-6-18. Hunts WW1
EDWARDS Fred MM & Bar Sgt Son of Mr & Mrs Edwards, Holwood Farm, Chatteris Rd, Somersham. Husband of Mrs Edwards, of Blackpool, Lancs. MM for gallantry in Western Desert 13-8-42; Bar for action in North Africa, 19-8-43. Cambs Times 3-11-44. Somersham WW2
FOSTER Thomas MM Pte. Lieut. Godmanchester. Middlesex Rgt. Carried wounded officer to safety. Hunts Post 27-6-17. Godmanchester WW1
FRASER M F K MC Holywell. Yorks and Lancs Rgt. For work as intelligence officer. Hunts Post 5-10-17. Holywell   WW1
GRAVES W F DCM Sgt. Huntingdon. 67580, Machine Guns Corps. (LG 28-3-18). Devotion to duty during extraordinarily heavy shellfire. Hunts County News 25-1-18. Huntingdon WW1
GREEN John Leslie VC Lieut. Son of Mr John George & Florence May Green JP, of Houghton (later St Mark's Lodge, Cambridge). Born Buckden, December 1888. Educated Felsted School and Downing College, Cambridge and St Bartholomew's Hospital. MRCS, LRCP. House surgeon at Huntingdon County Hospital. Went to Africa as surgeon. Joined Royal Army Medical Corps in 1915, as medical officer to 5th South Staffordshire Rgt, later transferred to 5th Sherwood Foresters (Notts & Derby Rgt). Married Dr Edith May Moss, MB, on 1-1-16. VC for action on 1-7-16.

His wife was told: "He was advancing in the rear of his battalion in the assault. On reaching the wire, he found an officer wounded, moved him to a shell hole and dressed the wounded under continuous fire. He then carried him back towards our lines, though wounded himself, about 200 yards. Just before reaching our advanced line the brother officer was hit again. Your husband started to dress his wound when he was shot through the head." KiA 1-7-16, age 26. Hunts Post 28-7-16.

Citation (LG 4-8-16): "For most conspicuous devotion to duty. Although himself wounded, he went to the assistance of an officer who had been wounded and was hung up on the enemy's wire entanglements, and succeeded in dragging him to a shell hole, where he dressed his wounds, notwithstanding that bombs and rifle grenades were thrown at him the whole time. Captain Green then endeavoured to bring the wounded officer into safe cover, and had nearly succeeded in doing so when he was himself killed."

Buried Foncquevillers Military Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France.

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Buckden   WW1
GRIFFITHS H Medaille Militaire, France   Gnr. Great Paxton. Royal Garrison Artillery. For rescuing several wounded Frenchman under heavy shellfire at La Forest, Somme, on 5-12-16. Hunts Post 7-12-17. Great Paxton   WW1
HAWKES T DCM Pte. Formerly Brampton. 687179, Canadian Infantry (11th Canadian Infantry Brigade). For 1-9-17, at Alpacha Trench, valuable reconnaissance & 5-9-17, took part in attack on Alpacha Trench, only survivor. Led second attack which was successful & rescued two wounded men and beat off two counter attacks. (LG 6-2-18). Hunts Post 16-11-17. Brampton   WW1
HAWKINS Elijah MM Pte. Little Staughton. Stretcher bearer, Polygon Wood, 1917. HP 9-11-17. Little Staughton WW1
HILL A MM Staff-Sgt. Huntingdon. Royal Army Medical Corps, attached Irish Division. Hunts Post 26-10-17. Huntingdon WW1
HILL A V MM L/Cpl. St Neots. Hunts Post 30-11-17. St Neots WW1
HOLLINGTON F Croix de Guerre Sgt-Major. Godmanchester. 2660, 4th Hussars. Hunts Post 2-3-17. Godmanchester WW1
HORNSBY Albert MM Sgt. Ramsey. Awarded in 1916. Hunts Post 28-12-17. Ramsey WW1
HORNSBY Frank MM Cpl. Ramsey. Royal Field Artillery. For rescuing wounded and getting them to dressing station under heavy shellfire in November, 1917. Hunts Post 28-12-17. Ramsey   WW1
HURL Arthur MM Pte. St Ives. Machine Gun Corps. For covering retreat, 31-7-17. Hunts Post 31-8-17. St Ives WW1
HUMPHREY Horace MM L/Cpl. Diddington. Hunts County News 14-6-18. Diddington WW1
HUNT Charles Certificate of Gallant Conduct Pte. Kimbolton. Northamptonshire Rgt. For Rosieres, 26-3-18, lewis gunner, prevented German flanking movement. Hunts County News 7-6-18. Kimbolton   WW1
HUTCHINGS Percy MM Pte. St Ives. Gordon Highlanders. For 28-8-17. Hunts Post 7-12-17. St Ives WW1
INGLE Wright DSC & Cross of Order of St Gladimir (Russia) Lieut. Hilton. RNAS Armoured Cars. For action on the Dobrudja, Roumania. Hunts County News 1-3-18. Hilton WW1
IVATT Harold MC Capt. Hemingford Abbotts. 5th South Staffordshire Rgt. MC during capture of Hohenzollen Redoubt. KiA 21-5-18. Hunts County News 31-5-18. Hemingford Abbotts WW1
JAKES A MM Pte. Earith. 66997, Royal Fusiliers. Westhoek Ridge, 10-8-17, cut off in shell hole, sniped enemy, and got back in darkness. Earith   WW1
KING L MM Pte. Diddington. Stretcher bearer. Hunts Post 12-10-17. Diddington WW1
KING S MM (?) Pte. Potton & Eynesbury. Stretcher bearer, 3/6-8-17. Hunts Post 23-11-17. Potton & Eynesbury WW1
KISBY A H MM Sgt. Great Gransden. Hunts County News 8-2-18. Great Gransden WW1
KNIGHTS W O MM Sgt. St Ives. Royal Marine Light Infantry. MM at Ginchy, Somme, although wounded he stayed with battery until the fight was over. Hunts Post 15-9-16. St Ives WW1
LIVETT J E MM Pte. Hertford. Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry. MM during capture of Vimy Ridge. Stretcher bearer. KiA. Hunts Post 7-12-17. Hertford?   WW1
LOCKE Willie Medal of St George (Russia) Chief Petty Officer. Hemingford Park. Received for action when KiA 1-7-17, Austrian front. Hunts County News 22-2-18. Hemingford Park   WW1
LOCKER-LAMPSON Oliver Stillingfleet CMG & DSO MP for Hunts. Born London, educated Eton and Trinity College, Cambridge. Lawyer then MP before First World War. Served on Western Front and in Russia 1914-17 commanding No 15 Squadron, Royal Naval Air Service, Armoured Car Squadron. Hunts   WW1
LONGBOURNE Hugh R DSO Captain. Former commanding officer of Ramsey company of the Huntingdonshire Cyclists. An agent for Lord de Ramsey. The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Rgt). DSO for gallantry at Schwaben Redoubt, Thiepval, Somme, (LG 25-11-16): "He crawled to within 25 yards of an enemy strongpoint and bombed the enemy with good effect. Later, with a sergeant and a private, he rushed the strongpoint, capturing a machine gun and 40 unwounded prisoners." KiA 22-5-17, at Cherisy. Ramsey   WW1
MACER Leonard DSM Able Seaman. Pidley. Sinking of German U-boat. Hunts Post 17-8-17. Pidley WW1
MADDISON Cecil Cyril MM L/Cpl. Huntingdon. Canadian Infantry. Hunts County News 11-1-18. Huntingdon WW1
MARKHAM H E MM Pte. St Neots. Essex Rgt. Hunts County News 18-1-18. St Neots WW1
MATTHEWS W MM Sgt. St Neots. Hussars. MM in 1918. KiA 28-4-18. Hunts County News 31-5-18. St Neots WW1
MAYLE Herbert MM Pte. Huntingdon. Royal Warwickshire Rgt. Hunts Post 15-12-16. Huntingdon WW1
NEWTON C G MC Lieut. Formerly of Buckworth. Royal Flying Corps. Hunts County News 17-5-18. Buckworth WW1
PALMER S A MM 14466 Pte. 2nd Battn Coldstream Guards. Ramsey WW1
PAPWORTH Frank MM Pte. High St, Huntingdon. Runner, awarded at Arras. Hunts Post 1-6-17. Huntingdon WW1
PARKSINON G R MiD T/Lt. Eldest son of Mr & Mrs Parkinson, The School House, Somersham. 1st Ox & Bucks Light Infantry. Mentioned in Despatches, Mesopotamia. (The Times 10-6-19). Somersham   WW1
PARREN E MiD Cpl. Earith. Royal Air Force. Hunts County News 21-6-18. Earith WW1
PAULEY Robert MM Cpl. Hilton. Machine Gun Corps. Manned telephone lines when headquarters evacuated under shellfire. Hunts Post 31-8-17. Hilton   WW1
RICHARDS M F MC Lieut. Brampton. 12th Suffolk Rgt. New Year's Honours, 1918. Hunts County News 25-1-18. Brampton WW1
RICHARDSON Thomas Albert MM & Bar 23475 Sergeant, 6th Northamptonshire Regiment 18 September 1918. Pondersbridge &
RUSSELL F G MM Sgt. Alconbury. Bedfordshire Rgt. For binding up wounded while under fire. Hunts Post 18-8-16. Alconbury WW1
SEWARD Graham MM Pte. Godmanchester. Ox & Bucks Light Infantry. Held off Germans with a lewis gun during attack on German trenches. He lay in front of the German wire. Hunts Post 11-15-17. Godmanchester WW1
SHARMAN W MM Sgt-Major. Eynesbury. Hunts Post 26-10-17. Eynesbury WW1
SIMON(D)S Bert MM Pte. St Ives. For 21-10-17. Carrying important message through barrage. Hunts Post 2-11-17. St Ives WW1
SLOMAN H N P MC Lieut. Godmanchester & Sandy. Rifle Brigade. Wounded 30 minutes before attack but carried on until fainted through loss of blood. Hunts Post 19-10-17 & Hunts County News 25-1-18. Godmanchester & Sandy WW1
SMITH Alfred DCM, CSM St Neots. 60002, Royal Fusiliers. LG 25-8-17. Hunts Post 23-11-17. Brother of Arthur Smith, MM. St Neots WW1
SMITH Arthur MM Pte. St Neots. Royal Warwickshire Rgt. Hunts Post 23-11-17. Brother of Alfred Smith, DCM. St Neots WW1
SMITH G E MM Pte. Fenstanton. 6th Northamptonshire Rgt. For 17-2-17, during 18th Division operations against South Miraumont Trench. Hunts Post 27-4-17. Fenstanton WW1
SMYTHE B W MC Lieut. Caxton & Eaton Ford. Bedfordshire Rgt. Palestine. Hunts County News 22-2-18. Caxton & Eaton Ford WW1
SPRING F C MM L/Cpl. Sandy. Bedfordshire Rgt. Hunts Post 19-10-17. Sandy WW1
SYMONDS Ernest   MM Bdr , Earith. Royal Field Artillery. Signaller. During 1916, for twice repairing telephone wire under fire. Hunts Post 16-11-17. Earith   WW1
THORNHILL John Evelyn DSO Major. Seaforth Highlanders. Enlisted 1899 and served in South African War. DSO in New Year's Honours, 1916, for service in the field (LG 14-1-16). HP 21-1-16. Died 2-10-18. St Neots.   WW1
TOMSON D V MC Lieut. St Neots. Royal Field Artillery. Hunts County News 7-9-17. St Neots WW1
TUNSTALL James T MC Reverend. Former Weslyan minister in St Neots. Army chaplain. For 4-10-17, Polygon Wood, attended wounded for 60 hours and saving men when dressing station hit by shell. Hunts Post 6-11-17. St Neots WW1
TYSOE Donald Medal of St George (Russia) Petty Officer. Godmanchester. RNAS, armoured cars. Hunts Post 16-11-17. Godmanchester   WW1
WHEATON H MM(?) Pte. 6th Northamptonshire Rgt. Devotion to duty at Miraumont. Hunts Post 4-5-17. Hunts WW1